The Eschatological Code And Eternal Recurrence

What will indeed happen after 2012?

Where can humanity find the answers to old mysteries that have existed for centuries or millennia?

Uncover the truth in The Eschatological Code And Eternal Recurrence, a book about the whole truth, where the author reveals secret mysteries such as the Christ code, why the pyramids were built and the new world religion of Hermes Trismegistus that Henry the Felicitous, prophesized to be the Chosen One by Nostradamus, will present after the year 2012. The Wonder of Garabandal, presenting a construct of ideas in which both Turkey, as a representative of the Islam, and the West find a common place, is not only the catalyst for the new world religion of Hermes Trismegistus, it is also one more secret mystery that the author has become the first person to reveal and present. The philosophy presented in this book, one that reveals many mysteries, brings the reader directly into the Garden of Eden, which, however, is to be understood mentally and spiritually. In addition, this book is also a rich source of spiritual knowledge from all currents of the human sciences, taught by guides to living of world renown. (Proof of reincarnation, prophesy, Enlightenment, positive thinking, Sufism, Buddhism , healing , comparative religion , Atlantis , and many more .) Ultimately , it also deals with eschatology and the Latter Days. Why eschatology and the Latter Days? Why eternal recurrence, and what will come then? Let The Eschatological Code And Eternal Recurrence reveal the truth…